After this timeline, Muhammad’s medical needs will be re-assessed by his treating oncologist, but right now, the main concern is to fins a stem cell match for Muhammad in South Africa.

Finding a stem cell match for a patient like Muhammad in South Africa, is no easy feat. The latest available statistics from the South African Bone Marrow Registry, lists less than 72 000 registered stem cell donors in total.

Added to the challenges in the search for a bone marrow match for Muhammad, is that he is part Indian, part Coloured. Matches are 100% dependant on ethnic makeup. This has caused great concern to Muhammad’s parents, as a mere 6.5% of registered bone marrow donors are Coloured and Indian/Asian donors comprise of only 9.4% of the total donors.

With a 1/100 000 chance of finding a stem cell donor match, these percentages need to change urgently, and more individuals need to register as stem cell donors, not only to give Muhammad a Fighting chance, but many more patients waiting for a miracle.

Two possible matches was found, only to be dismissed, as one donor could not be traced, and the other turned out not to be a match.

As the search for a stem cell donor match for Muhammad was done throughout the entire South African Bone Marrow Registry, the only hope of finding a match for Muhammad, is if large numbers of new potential donors register with the SABMR soon.

On February 25th, anyone willing to commit as a stem cell donor, can register FOR FREE on the Registry, by coming to the Athlone Community Centre during a Western Cape Blood Services blood donation clinic, between 16:00 and 19:00. The normal cost to register amounts to R2000.00 per person, so we trust that in the absence of any cost, the Cape Town community will turn up in large numbers.

The procedure is simple and fast, merely one teaspoon of blood will be taken from your arm, and a form will be filled in. After this, you will be registered with the SANBMR, and, if you are a match for any patient waiting for their miracle, included Muhammad, you will be contacted directly.

For more information on how to register, or on more free registration opportunities, call the Sunflower Fund’s tollfree number,
0800 12 10 82.

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